EmClient 7 missing Starred folder

Since I updated my emClient to version 7 the Starred folder from my gmail account desappeared. In my other laptop which still in the version 6 the folder exist and synced .
Any suggestion or tips ?

no idea?

sorry for the delayed reply, is the Starred folder being sent through IMAP? Can you check the Settings in your gmail web UI under the Labels tab and see if the folder is checked and being synchronized?


Thank you for the reply. Yes the Starred folder is checked on the IMAP setting on gmail web UI. That’s why on the other laptop with emClient V6 this folder is synced.

I have the same problem as achakroun, I have a starred (Gmail) folder with version 6, and there’s no starred folder with beta 2.

There is still no starred (Gmail) folder in the new version 7 RC (clean install). Is that intentional?

Any one got the starred folder to work with emclient 7

if you are still experiencing this issue, can you please screenshot the folder structure from your gmail accounts in Settings>Labels?


Hello Ran,
I need the screenshot from the Gmail web interface Settings, this gives us no information. Settings>Labels to be precise.


I am missing the starred as well

Has anyone been able to have their gmail Starred folder appear?:

Still not showing up after update to 7.0.26482.0

There is no need of a screenshots from our gmail.com settings. Please just believe us Starred items are switched on there for IMAP. Other clients shows this folder properly. The problem is only in this great client. I was supposed to buy it but found this feature is missing. It is very important for me.