EmClien separated profiles missing

i am a Thunderbird user.
My computer is shared with my sister.
I have installed EmClient but i need two separated profile… it’s possible?
In Thunderrbird it’s possible.

Hi, unfortunately different profiles are not currently a feature in eM Client, thank you for the suggestion.
We might add it in future releases.

Thank you,

Hello Paul,

It has been a year now since this post, version 6 is now out, and this features has been requested by numerous users, for it not to be part of version 6 is ridiculous. Outlook, Thunderbird, Incredimail, The Bat, and many other have this feature. Many households have a single pc, with multiple users, where this feature is very important not only for privacy issues, but also has a great use.

Having had great help in getting version trial set-up by Juraj and finding version 6 a very good Outlook replacement, that this feature is missing has prevented me from buying a life time license. How many other has this prevented from buying your software. 

Good ideas should be implement asap.

Very Disappointed.

Hello Ronald, thank you for your feedback regarding the feature, I’m not sure how many users it has prevented from buying the software but hopefully it’s won’t be too large.

I’d like to note that we are not always trying to be like the “others”, and try to do things little differently, and hopefully even better. I certainly agree that good ideas should be implemented asap and this is a really good idea…

We have put up the feature on our roadmap to upcoming releases recently, however please note that resolving issues and implementing new features, is a very time-consuming process, and we can not always speed up the process, even though we’d like to.

Hope you understand.