eMC v.0.8 is here! ;-)

I was doing some research in The Wayback Machine archive and was surprized to find pages of eMC’s website, dating back to 2006. Many pages, images, and screen captures are still available.
What is more surprizing is how eMC was ahead of its time with all its features (funny how its UI is still somewhat acceptable compared to Thunderbird!).

Here are some snapshots of v0.8 and v.1.0 (late 2006 - early 2007): Contacts Management, Calendar, Rule Wizard, Mail interface, Folder organization, and much more.

PS. Other versions: 2006-2020 - Wayback Machine


Yes, that’s right, but still there was a long way from that to eM Client 8.1.
If you are curious how it looked like, you can still install any version of eM Client you want
from our Release history: https://www.emclient.com/release-history
You can even install version 1.0 back from 2007, but I wouldn’t recommend it for every day use :-).


After I started using eM Client some years ago, I actually installed a few of those early versions on a test machine just to see what they looked like. I was even going to write to you guys and complain that your promotion of the application was really bad, because I had not heard of it before. Just think of all those years I could have been using eM Client and did not even know it existed. :wink:

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