EMC tags vs Gmail labels with vers. 9.2

I never bothered to understand in detail the distinction between local and gmail web categorisation of emails (my terminology) but the latest upgrade of EMC makes this all the more confusing. So far I kept the default yellow flag, blue flag etc. It was never clear to me whose flags I was using, emc or google, now I have to understand this as the tags management in EMC makes a distinction between local “tags” and Gmail “labels” very clear.

First issue: why is the categorisation (my term) label now part of the email subject in the Inbox; Favourites Combined Inbox ??? - it’s not the same thing!!!

Previously in EMC I could see the two things separately in columns in view - now I can’t! If I want to read the subject / title, I’ll do that - now half the screen is filled with, not just a yellow box but “Yelllow label” taking up all the space. This is now just like Gmail - I don’t use the gmail web inbox becuase EMC is nice and tidy - now it just a stupid copy of google! Can I change this?

Second point: How to fix this I thought - quick solution - edit the label down. But if I change “yellow label” to “y” locally in EMC, Gmail considers this a new label; and changes the automatic colour - to green! So that doesn’t work.
So then I thought I’ll change the Gmail label in the webapp and synch this with EMC locally. So my Gmail “yelloW label” now reads “y” on the web and all my emails there are flagged “y”. But…

Second issue: why does EmC not properly synch gmail labels with EMC tags? My EMC Combined Inbox is still fulll of “yellow label” emails not ones categorised “y” as above - something is not working?

I consider myself reasonably computer-literate but this is way too complicated for a straightforward way to categorise emails! HELP!!!

This is the Gmail Important tag.

We display it in the subject because it is important. If you don’t want to see it, you can disable it in Menu > Accounts > IMAP tab > Tags. Set the option for Show Important tags to Never.

The important tag in the message list is quite small, but for other tags, if they are too big, you can change that in Menu > Settings > Mail > Read > Message list. Just change the option for Tags in preview field to icons only.

Hello, Thanks for this detail – this has helped to navigate around the many settings.

I’ve also been exploring since logging this query. Despite the fact that, as default, the local EMC client appears to combine tag and subject in the same field in the Inbox view, in fact, perhaps as expected, it’s still there as a separate field and so with the columns configuration option I can move this around / separate from the email subject / title. Hence resizing the columns is another way to just see an icon, not long label and read all the email subject text!

My point two – some hours later after making the change the Gmail tags appear to have synchronised within EMC client, so that my test change made in gmail to edit one label is copied down to the synch’d version. However with a BUT….

Now I have another - probably related issue - looking into the detail – there’s a problem with EMC and Gmail synchronisation operations. I’ll log this as a separate query but there’s a repeated error in the log – how do I investigate this?

It’s here - How to investigate & fix EMC / Gmail synchronisation error in operations log

BTW I think the reference to Gmail important tag is actually something slightly different too isn’t it?