EmC back up routine scheduling query

…I read here about the Windows task scheduler’s role in this process, but something seems amiss…

When the emC’s backup routine reaches the point It’s next scheduled to start, the app remains open if it already was, and using the program is just slower until the routine finishes. .

But if the PC was off when the routine was scheduled, why the next time the PC starts will emC not open at all to show Inbox, until the backup is complete? There is just a small system tray notification that the emC backup tool is in progress, which is easy to miss. Hence I keep clicking my app shortcut multiple times which can cause problems.

Why can’t it just open slowly like when the app is running? Something about the emC app start-up sequence seems to prevent this???


When eM Client is running, and the backup time arrives, a shadow copy of the database is made and that is backed up while you continue to use the application with the original database. On slower hardware, especially slower disks, you might notice some performance loss while the copy is made and while the backup zip file is written. The alternative in previous versions was that eM Client automatically closed so the backup could be made.

When eM Client is not running and the backup time arrives, the actual database is backed up, so you will need to wait for that to finish before you can open the application.

Ok, thanks so now I know why it’s a different routine.

I wonder why it’s not possible, if a backup point has been missed (machine switched off) to change the sequence so that when the PC next starts, the app opens without backup immediately starting first and so preventing that; then makes the shadow copy, so allowing user to continue to work, and then continues processing back-up in the background in all cases?

There are options in Task Scheduler, not exactly what you want, but you could investigate those anyway.

My backup runs at 5pm every day. That is a time when I am still at my PC, just finishing up work for the day. My backup takes just on a minute. I see the popup notifying me the backup is done at 5.01pm and I know it is time to quit for the day (or not). :wink:

You could set yours for when you know you will already be using the device for some time.

Thanks. I’ve started tweaking the scheduler options. …Interestingly my backup takes 20 mins every 3 days!

This for me is of interest because of long time to run for you.
I am like @Gary and have my Backup at end of day about 1830 hrs when I stop so it run at this time and take about 2 mins.
Are you having a very big Backup file size to be so long to work?
Is my Backup not a complete one as is as quick as @Gary?

Hi, my backup zip file is 2.6GB…