EMC 7 Upgrade doesnt recognise my lifetime key!!!

I just downloaded the 7 upgrade & now all I have is a 30 day trial!! my key doesnt work & my login details are rejected! my LIFETIME free upgrade two copy EMC is defunct!! This is my very important business email …Please explain!!!

Hello Brian,
I see that both your seats of your license are activated at this time, have you perhaps just accidentally skipped the migration of your database? The license information is brought over when you migrate.
You can do so manually by using the Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6 option, though if you already set up your account some information might be duplicated.
I will send you a reset email from our server with new credentials to the licensing server if you need to deactivate one of the activations.

I suggest next time seeking help through our Ticket system if you are a PRO license user - http://support.emclient.com/
Our engineers will be able to assist you more quickly. I suggest adding a screenshot of the error you get when activating the key.