emC 7.0: Still no sync with outlook.com

I could not use emC 6 because of the calender issue, I installed vers 7 beta this morning. But there is also no sync  with outlook.com. I use server dub406-m.hotmail.com.

I have so many mail accounts that I have not noticed that outlook not included in the update process from 6 to 7.
It was visible in calendar but not in the emal view.
So I add outlook again in the accounts and it seems to work now.


is everything working well now, or were there other issues?
I would suggest to add Outlook and Hotmail accounts as Exchange accounts in eM Client, if there are any troubles with them.

Hi, I have no Exchange account. Just my outlook.de account and it failed when I use that user name and password.
BTW: No nothing changed. em still has huge problems so I use now the outlook apps in windows 10 for editing dates.

Hello, thank you for your reply. This is the problem. Microsoft is migrating their services to Exchange services and it usually works to add your outlook, hotmail, msn accounts as if they were Exchange accounts:

Please, try, if this solves your problems and let me know if it worked.

Best regards