Emails won't send

No. I clear the outbox after a message gets sent there.

Hello James,
is there perhaps a security software that could be blocking the connection to your mail server?
Can you add eM Client to exceptions in your Antivirus and Firewall?


That had no effect. It is somehow not clearing ATT. So I started checking my email via the web browser and that works fine.

I setup an account using gridhost as the ourbound server and had the same error message. My UN/PW do not clear my server.

Hello James,
do you use any security software that could be blocking the connection perhaps? Can you try adding eM Client to exceptions in your antivirus and firewall?


That made no difference.

Finally found a workaround. I don’t remember all I did, but it works. Go to Google mail and either start a new account or update the account you have,

Use the email that is not working in Thunderbird as the contact email. That worked on one but then I had others to fix. So I followed their instructions on how to use their email server with your old email. And it worked

It’s hard to figure out but it is in Google mail Settings, then Forwarding-SMTP settings.

Good luck.

Hello James,
thank you for sharing your solution.


I just installed eM Client and it took some effort to find the right combination of setting for Gmail using IMAP.  Note the security settings are not what I would expect.

  Port: 993
  Security:Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
  Security: Use SSL/TLS if available

Thank you. I was having problems sending e-mails and this combo fixed the problem.