Emails with empty subject

I saw in past posts here that there is no way to make eM Client treat empty subject messages like Gmail does. I don’t know how, but Gmail groups these messages to conversations correctly.

On eM client I’ve got a conversation of 358 messages with an empty subject.
I can’t follow them this way.

The option of un-grouping ALL conversations is not relevant.

Before I’m buying a license (I’m using the trial version for more than two weeks now), I must know if this issue will be solved in the forthcoming versions.

Thanks you

Messages are selected as part of a conversation by information in the message header and not on subject alone. So the messages need to have common In-Reply-To and References headers otherwise they will not be included regardless of what the subject is, or is not. 

This is a redacted screenshot hopefully showing that conversations can be grouped from messages without subjects. These three different conversations all have messages without subjects.