Emails to Distribution List

I just updated my em email list. Now I cannot send emails to my distribution list. I have tried typing the name of the distribution list in the TO line, but it stays blank. What do I need to do?

Are you sure your “distribution list” (called a Group in the Contacts List) is present.

My distribution lists still show under my contacts and they still list all the names and email addresses. Should I look for anything else?

I just tried using the Group Name in the TO field of a new email and it placed the group name in the TO field…

Ensure you are running current version…

Is this happening for ALL of your Distribution lists?

This only started happening after I updated to the current version and it is happening for all my distribution lists.

You can try:

(1) Backup Menu > Backup
(2) Uninstall, DO NOT delete the database when asked
(3) Install from HERE