Emails that I read earlier are coming back later marked as "unread".

Emails that I’ve read before are coming back later marked as “unread” under “Smart Folders”. I’m using v7.26567.0.
Please help.

Hello Connie,
what mail account does this happen on? Is it POP/IMAP/Exchange?


It’s a Gmail account using IMAP.

I’m having this same issue, but not just under smart folders.  I will show unread messages in a folder where everything has been read and go to a folder not realizing I have unread messages and have a large number. Very frustrating.  This often even happens with drafts. I send a message and drafts will show I have one even though the message has long been sent.

Are there plans to resolve this or an update already out there?  I’m on version 7.0.26687.0

Update:  I just installed 27943, will see if that resolves the issue.

Hello Tamara,
please let us know if the newest version solves the issue for you.


I am using the Beta 7.1.29257.0 and it has been happening off and on for me, seems to be when I connect to networks. I lost network connectivity and then regained it and about 10 messages went from read to unread on resync. It is a gmail account and the only account in my email client. Hopefully this gets fixed, this is a little annoying. I do realize I am using the beta and issues happen, I just wanted to report it.