Emails taking forever to open and failing to open attachements

Emails taking forever to open and failing to open attachments. I have reinstalled the program and still having this same issue. Any ideas on the solution?

Out of curiosity, what Ant-Virus application are you using?

@sunriseal We currently use Bitdefender

Try fully disabling Bitdefender and see if that improves message and/or attachment opening.

If so is there a way to exclude em client via av?

@sunriseal see above question

If so, then you will have to find a setting/exclusion list capability within Bitdefender

Thank you. I will try this and see if it helps. Are there any other things that might be causing this that you can think of beside AV? @sunriseal

Not at this time. Perhaps one of the other users in this forum will respond if they have any ideas.

Thanks for your help!

That did not resolve the problem. Im going to reconfigure a new email profile for him to see if that fixes it.