Emails suddenly disappeared from inbox - help!

I was tidying up my combined inbox and ecided to remove all the tags in one go. Highlighted all the emails and right clicked to go to ‘tags’ and then selected ‘none’ then all the emails disappeared. Can anyone help?!!

If you have and eg: IMAP, Exchange, Office 365, or iCloud account and been doing eM Client backups either manually via the menu, or automatically via settings, then go to “Menu / File / Restore” and restore the latest dated backup which will normally bring all the tags back.

If that is for a Gmail or Google Workspace account, you will have removed the Inbox tags as well. You will find all the messages in the All Mail folder for the account.

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Thanks very much for the quick response. I decided to go down the manual route and found all my emails in the ‘all emails’ folder and I just put them back into the ‘inbox’. I’ve also updated my backup settings as suggested. Much appreciated for the response.

Thanks very much for the quick response and I did find them in the ‘all emails’ and they are back where they are meant to be. Thanks for taking time out to respond. Much appreciated!