emails stuck in outbox

It seems have started up very recently when i’m using a VPN. When i press ‘send’ the email just goes to outbox with an orange spot in the mail column and sits there. The only way i can get it to send is to disconnect my VPN. Does that mean emclient will not work with a vpn now?

I should say there is no problem with incoming mail under a VPN.

Many VPNs block the SMTP ports because of spamming.

It will either be 25, 465 or 587. You can check which one you are using in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then clicking on the SMTP tab.

Thanks. Is there a solution?

BTW - As well as disconnecting my vpn altogether, I have found that changing my choice of server, using the vpn application, can make a difference. i.e. it appears some vpn servers do block others don’t.

Yes, some VPN servers have the ports open. It has something to do with them keeping logs of the connections. If they don’t keep them, typically with free VPNs, then they will block all the ports. But also usually port 25 is blocked because it can be used for relaying. That means you can send email from a different email address to the one used to connect to the server. Not all servers support this, but it is one of the methods that spammers use.

So the solution is that you can change the SMTP port in eM Client to another that your email provider supports and that is open on the VPN, or you can go with a paid VPN that has the necessary ports open.

Thanks again. However, It is a paid VPN and i don’t think i can change the port (465) i use with my isp/email provider. I’ll take it up with nordVPN.

Most providers still allow all three ports. 587 is the official standard for email clients, but many suggest 465 even though it is deprecated as a secure email transport.

You could try 587 with Force usage of SSL/TLS as the security policy. Both 465 and 587 are open on NordVPN.