emails stuck in outbox

Hello, I have emails stuck in the outbox and they will not send. I opened them individually and saw that the email addresses had apostrophies attached either end. I re-entered the address manually and deleted the old address. I re-sent them and they remain in the outbox with a time sent. However they do not appear in the relevant email address sent folder. They will not leave the outbox!!! Have they been sent? I have no idea but its work email and this is serious!

The contacts came from outlook which em Client replaced. Howver when I start a new email, the address is found and added with apostrophies despite the contact V card not having apostrophies!

These are logs

Is tech support there?

What you have described in the first post is not the cause of the problem shown in the screen shots.

The email address is usually in the format “name” . It might be “address” if the email address is used as the name. It is not necessary to edit this. This is normal and is not what is causing your errors.

The problem in the screen shots is that your credentials are not being accepted by the mail server. Please check that you have the correct username and passwords for these accounts. Also check that you have the correct server settings for host, port and security policy.