emails sorted wrong after daylight saving time ends

Hello anybody,
in my email list emails are sorted by day. But after daylight time ends (last sunday), emails with a time stamp between 00:00 and 01:00 are sorted to the wrong day, the day before. For example, an email I received the 21.10.2015 at 00:04 is sorted to 20.10.2015. All emails with a date before the daylight time ending day are concerned. I would be glad to get that fixed.

Hello Tomedius,
can you please share more information about your issue? What version of eM Client are you running? Does this happen on all of your accounts? If so, what are they using as a mail service and what mail provider?

Best regards,

Hello Olivia,
thank you for your reply. I am runnung eM Client 6.0.23421.0 and I am using two different german mail provider with IMAP. The effect happens with the list of one account and the combined list with mails of all accounts. I would like to show you a screenshot, how can I upload it?
Kind regards, Tomedius

You should be able to attach a screenshot by clicking the “Upload image” option under the reply window.

In this screenshot, “Heute” (today) means Monday, 26.10., “Gestern” (yesterday) is Sunday, 25.10., and you can see Saturday, Friday and Thursday. All unread mails and both mails on Saturday were sent between 00:00 and 01:00. On Monday (day 1 after end of DST), the mail (00:03) is sorted correctly, on the other days (the last days before end of DST), mails are sorted to the day before. The date of the mails is correct, but they are sorted to the wrong day.

Perhaps eM Client counts the hours back, and after end of DST, there is an additional hour, that means the day before?

I hope this would help you find the bug.
Kind regards, Tomedius

Hi Tomedius,
if the issue is only with that one account and the time is correct in the message detail, then I believe the issue of why it’s sorted in the wrong order is actually caused by the server. Can you try contacting the server support of the afflicted account?

Best regards,