Emails sent from Gmail


Sent two emails from my Pixel 4 today and they do not show in my EM Client “Sent”? They were sent from my gmail account.

Is there a setting that I need to check or why would this happen?


Any chance that eMC and Gmail have not synced?
Any problems indicated in eMC MENU > Operations Log tab?

Hi “sunriseal”,

Checked the log and it shows numerous syncing with Hotmail & Outlook (wife’s email) There are no log entries showing sync with gmail? Should there be?


I would think so…
What happens when you do a manual sync… Click REFRESH and the Gmail entry in the drop down. Then check the log again


Do you mean a manual sync in EMC?
Click "REFRESH and the Gmail entry in the drop down? What do you mean?

Sorry for confusion here.

Yes, in eMC

Hey…that did it…Thank you very much! Must have just needed a gentle push!

Thanks again for beeing there when needed!

Great… but do you not want it do the sync automatically say every x minutes?

Yes I do! Gmail syncs every 15 min at min. Will monitor to ensure it is doing just that.