Emails sent but didn't reach destination



We’re sorry for the inconvenience, we will however need more details to see what is wrong:
Do you see the messages that you sent in the Sent folder? Did you receive any e-mails notifying you about the inability to deliver the messages? Do you get any error/message from the program? If you do, could you enclose a screenshot?
Did the recipient check their Spam folder?

Thank you,

Hi the email foes to sent folder and shows as sent but it didn’t arrived … I tried to sent to my Hotmail id but it never reached. I sent from windows live, it works fine there…


Thank you for the update. If it goes to Sent and you don’t receive any messages, the issue unfortunately appears to be with your hotmail address. Do you send from the same e-mail address in eM Client as you do in WLM?


Hi Maurice, Thanks for your help, i tried to send my hotmail, gmail different ids, my friends no body get it… I shows sent but it does not arrive…