Emails received by Outlook and not by eM Client


Thanks to your support successfully imported Outlook pst file to eM Client yesterday.

On a separate laptop Outlook has since received 15 emails today compared to 1 email on eM Client on my desktop. The 1 email is one of the 15 emails received through Outlook.

So far I have not been able to locate an eM Client setting that should allow automatic downloading of the 15 emails involved.

Your kind help would be much appreciated to solve this problem.

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what version of eM Client are you using? What mail service are you using?
Can you receive any emails by clicking the Send and Receive button?

Thank you for answering these questions,

Do you have your e-mail accounts in Outlook setup as IMAP accounts or as POP3?

If you have them setup as using POP3 on Outlook, it might be that the original e-mails on your e-mail server will be deleted once they have been downloaded to Outlook, so there is nothing to download into eM Client.

Hi Paul,

I am using eM Client 6. Previously with Outlook on different computers I could receive the same emails on each computer.

Hans - POP3 is being used.

I have also noticed that no read and no email delivered messages are being back to eM Client after eM Client has sent emails.

if you’re using POP3 for receiving messages and still using Outlook on a different computer (or even the same computer), please note that POP3 only downloads new messages so once you read the message in a different email client or on a different computer, the email won’t be downloaded again into eM Client.

You could avoid this by using IMAP for receiving messages.

Thank you,

Thanks Paul. I will adjust the settings as suggested.