Emails only load with a restart.

I use gmail. Starting earlier today, emails have stopped downloading into eM client unless I close and reopen it. I use AirMail on my iPhone, and that is pulling from gmail just fine. I always use both, nothing has changed. Is there a known issue with eM client? Has something changed? Do I need to update a setting?

I’m having the same exact problem… takes forever to load mail… sync runs constantly and never stops… my cell phone shows mail in 5-10 seconds… this isn’t good… 

Ugh, same. Loading, loading… hopefully it is a temporary bug.

lol… true… i am doing the same thing … close and reopen and it’s ok for a while… then it slows down again… i sent a ticket in… i’ll post back if they give me a clue… 

anybody any wiser on this, gonna have to change client, cant restart client everytime i want to check mail

there is currently no known issue with Gmail that would behave like this.
Please try this version of eM Client. Just install the file and run the update.
If the issue persists, try removing and readding the Gmail account in Menu>Tools>Accounts section.