emails on Gmail accounts not downloaded to Inbox after update to 6.0.22313.0

Hi, I’ve just updated to v6.0.22313.0 and find that eMClient doesn’t download emails in my GMail accounts any more.
Before the update, emails received in my GMail accounts were downloaded to the Inboxes of my account folders in the Mail tab (and removed from the Gmail inbox).  After the update this doesn’t happen any more.  If I log into the Gmail web interface I can see there are new emails present, but eMClient does not download them.  If I click Send & Receive in eMClient they are still not downloaded.
If I send a new email from one gmail account to another using eMClient then the new email appears to be sent correctly (and is synced across to the gmail account Sent folder correctly - as I can see it in the Gmail web interface).  The new email appears in the web interface Gmail Inbox but doesn’t get downloaded at the next Send & Receive.

Hello Mike, are you seeing any errors thrown by the application when you try to send messages through the application?
Are you using any security software on your computer, that may have disabled the application’s ability to connect to your mail server?

Same problem here… I only noticed not receiving gmail mail because I saw messages in my mobile that did not show up in emClient.

After removing my gmail account and recreating it as new it started working again.

The bad news is that it used to be configured as a pop3 mailbox but now it is detected as a IMAP mailbox.
The result now is that all of my 3Gb of gmail mail is being downloaded.

Configuring a gmail address as pop3 is not possible.
Using a standard pop3 setup will not update my calendar (I guess) and that is just as important as the mails…

Please tell us what to do to be able to work in a normal way again…

Hello, it is possible to setup a Gmail POP3 account, just navigate to Tools > Accounts > New account, but instead of using the automatic setup or the Google account setup, switch to the Mail tab below and select ‘Other’, use the recommended server settings for your Google account and proceed with the steps.

This should allow you to setup a POP3 account only, this type of account however can not support the Calendar and Contacts service, these services have to be setup separately using the automatic setup or Google account setup which will authenticate with your server using OAuth and allow you to select which services will be synchronized with the server.

Or just disable the IMAP and SMTP services on your current Gmail IMAP account to use Calendar, Contacts and the Chat service only.

Hope this helps.

Ok, this workaround is functioning for now.

I assume you are looking into this problem and will come with a real solution soon?

Hello again, a fix for the problem will be included in an update soon.

I’ve also checked with the developers and you should be also able to workaround the issue by switching the use of your credentials in Tools > Accounts > Your POP3 Google account, to “Use these credentials” and fill in the details for your account.

Hi, thankyou very much for responding so quickly.  I’ve got my gmails downloading again with the credentials switch as you suggested (Tools > Accounts > select the POP3 tab for the account, and then setting “Use these credentials” and entering the password)

Hello again, thank you for following up with us Mike, please make sure to let us know if you come across this or any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.