Emails not sending and ending up in Outbox. Error Windows pop up.

I just recently started using eM at work and it’s been working great so far. I told my manager about it and installed it on her computer as well so she could try it. However, after installing she started experiencing some problems. Occasionally, she would try to send emails but they would fail to send and end up in the outbox. A little error window would pop up that reads: “[SMTP] An attempt to connect to (my manager’s account) failed. This could be cause by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?” I would then check the settings but everything matched what I had on my computer. So I don’t understand why she would be experiencing these problems. Later, another error message appeared that said: “An error occurred. Cannot send message (Email body not accepted due to the following reason: Unexpected end of stream.” Does anyone have any thoughts on why these errors are occuring and how to correct them? PLEASE HELP! Thank you!

I assume you are connecting to the same server for your email. Who is the email provider, and what settings are you currently using? Are you using IMAP or Exchange?

I would have thought that this is a settings problem. Check that you have the correct security policy for the account.

But it might also be a connection problem. You said she is occasionally experiencing this problem. Any chance the connection is a bit dodgy?

Yes we are connecting to the same server. Our emails are through (our company website) which is hosted by superior web solutions, so I guess they are our service provider? We are using IMAP.

I also thought this would be a settings problem but as far as I can tell my manager’s settings are the exact same as mine. What do you mean by security policy? How do I check that?

I suppose it could be a connection problem. But why would she be experiencing this problem and not me? I’ve had no issues since I started using it and we are hooked up to the same server and same network…

The security policy is part of the account settings. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. On the SMTP tab for the account, make sure she has the same settings as you do.

Another option is that the anti-virus application she has is blocking the port. But that would mean she is not able to send at all. You could try completely disabling it and try again.

Thanks for the input. I checked the security policy but the only setting that was different was under authentication, “use identity credentials” was checked on mine but on my manager’s it was the other option. Not sure if that will make a difference tho.

Is there any other suggestions besides disabling antivirus? Obviously she can’t work with the antivirus permanently disabled. Please advise. Thanks!!

Use identity credentials is the default setting, and is best if you are using the same username and password for both sending and receiving emails. Otherwise maybe someone enters the wrong details in one, then it does not work and nobody can figure out why. If you are using identity credential in both IMAP and SMTP, then if one is working and the other is not, then it is not the username or password that is the problem.

Disabling the anti-virus is just temporary and to check if it is blocking the port or the connection in some other way. You need to completely disable it, including any mail shield type add-ons that it may have. If sending email works with it disabled, then all you need to do is enable the anti-virus again, and open the specific port. Different applications work differently, but the help for it should give you a step-by-step how to do that.