eMails Not Receiving, Or Receiving After Delay

Is there any reason why I’d receive emails on the Google server and the same email is being received minutes to hours later in eM Client? I visit the Google server, I can see the email there in my Inbox, I return to eM Client and try to receive it, and it either does not receive then, or alternatively I might receive or might not receive the email on eM Client some minutes/hours later when I again attempt to receive. Some emails are delayed for various time periods for unknown reasons, others are not receiving at all. A select few have been received promptly.

Without any other information about your installation… you can try REMOVING that account and re-adding the account.

I didn’t give too many details because I am tired of providing them.

Install the application, uninstall the application, reinstall the application, disable the anti-virus, re-enable the antivirus, delete the account, renew the account. I cannot tell you how sick and tired I am of this application. How much time do the people who created eM Client think we have? I shall stop using eM Client today. The only reason I won’t permanently uninstall it today is because I may be able to import my emails into its replacement. I shall try out the latest version of Thunderbird and if that doesn’t work out I’ll start dealing with my emails directly off Google servers.

Do have a lovely day.

Yes I have received Your email. Pawel Leks, SCJ

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Oh well enjoy yourself