Emails not being received

I have the free version and recently I have noticed that all my emails are not being received. I run other pc and mobile phone and all my emails are received with the email client I am using on those items. It is only with eMClient that I am having this issue with…Any help/advice would be appreciated.

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Click “Menu / Help / License” and see if eM Client is activated.

thanks for that advice. I do get some emails so the licence is activated. The problem is that not all of the emails are being received

Do you have an IMAP , Exchange or POP account.

I think it’s a POP …how do I check??

Go to “Menu / Accounts” at the top left. Then click on your account on the left and you will see “Tabs” across the top . One of the first tabs will say eg: POP, IMAP, EXCHANGE etc.

If its a POP account generally the most common reason why you may not be getting all emails in eM Client, is eg: when all devices are configured with a the same POP account, they are not all setup to “Leave a copy of messages on the server” after x amount of days.

So another device with the same POP account has maybe eg: received the email and cleared / removed the email from your ISP Mailbox and then when eM Client goes to pickup the email its gone.

So if you do have a POP acct, configure all devices to “leave a copy of messages on server” for x amount of days. Years ago when i had POP accounts i used to set my email clients on all devices to leave a copy of the server for 14days as i had a large mailbox at that time.

The only down side to leaving email on the server for too many days with POP accts is eg: If you only have a small ISP mailbox space and its not cleared very often, peeps sending can potentially get mailbox full messages bounced back to them, if the mailbox isn’t cleared for too many days and gets full. So all depends on the mailbox space available at your ISP as to how many days you set your email clients on all devices to remove messages from the server.

The better option is to configure all devices including eM Client for eg: IMAP or EXCHANGE setup, depending on what your ISP supports so all devices don’t download the email at all and just read the mail headers and download email when you click on them. So you are basically then working entirely off your ISP cloud mailbox on all devices.

Now if you already have a eg: IMAP or EXCHANGE account in eM Client, then make sure (all your other devices) are configured for IMAP or Change account to match, as could be possibly one of your other devices is setup for POP (and not IMAP or EXCHANGE) and so removing some email on the server after receiving so eM Client then doesn’t get some of the same mail.