emails not arriving in inbox

  • i see emails in gmail account online
  • i do not find them in all inboxes or the inbox of the account
  • if these messages are “not read” they appear in “unread” untill I read them there. Then they dissapear from emclient.
  • if i go to gmail again the message is still there “read”

nobody have this issue?

The reason they don’t appear in All inboxes, is because they are not in an Inbox, but in a sub folder.

What label is showing next to the subject in GMail web interface?

Hi, I deleted all labels and categories on gmail.  
Thanks, I believe you are right. 
I will let you know if the messages get to my inbox now.


In eM Client go to the Inbox for your account. Now click on the little arrow on the left of the Inbox. You should now see your folders listed under Inbox that match the labels in your GMail web interface.

If you deleted the Inbox label in GMail, the emails will be in the All Mail folder.