Emails missing, but show in other clients

I am using version 8.2.1237

Often people tell me they sent me a mail which I never received. It is not in my inbox, nor is it in my spam folder. Then today I noticed something odd…

I found two of those emails that never appeared in eM Client when I checked mail on my phone.

Both the email client on my phone and eM Client are using imap to access my emails.

I then tested with thunderbird and the same thing happens. The emails that are missing in eM Client show up in other email clients. And it shows up in the inbox, not even spam folders.

Even weirder, if I do a search for the email in eM Client and select to search all folders, it still does not find the email even though all the other email clients show the mail to be there.

This is really frustrating as I Paid for Em Client, but it seems if I want to see all my email, I have to use another client.

It may be some cache corruption in the database.

Right-click on the Inbox and choose Properties > Repair. If it is a Gmail or Gsuite hosted account, right-click on the All Mail folder instead.

Thanks Gary,

that worked. I have been experiencing this problem for over a year now where people say they sent the mail, but I never receive it.

Is this something (cache corruption) that would have affected the mails from over a year ago or should I frequently repair the database.

I noticed that it removes all my snoozed emails as well when repairing, so preferably I don’t want to schedule a regular repair and then hunt for the emails that need to snooze till a particular date.