Emails have an unwanted script due to public wifi logon

I tried to login to a public wifi hotspot at a hospital yesterday. It asked for a password and I closed the browser (chrome). EM client does connect with Gmail for pop3 imports. I have cleared my chrome settings, cache, browsjing etc but for some reason now all of my incoming email into emclient is now appending a notice from this public wifi to all of my emails (See screenshot). It is only occurring through the connected account (my domain)(Gmail)-(Gmail)(Emclient).

What I am not good at is figuring out a)why this is happening and b)How to stop it without a full uninstall and reinstall of the client??

Any thoughts
Thank You

That looks like a signature appended to a message coming from your phone.

I just sent you an email. Can you reply to it using eM Client?

Hi, I am not using my phone at all. I am simply sending myself emails from this account. It appears to be tied to Google and/or chrome somehow on my laptop. I even just removed Google APP access for emclient and it is still doing it. Thanks for you super quick response - John

the email in question is which is my domain and is hosted on hostpapa. I am not sure why emclient would pick this up from Chrome as I went to sign in but I never even signed into this hotspot.

This is what it looks like with my typical signature sent from emclient to myself through emclient and it is still appending this autogenerate privacy login notice???

I really do not want to dismantle emclient. I don’t want to move back to Outlook.

The Health Shared Services signature does not appear to be coming from eM Client. It might be useful for you to open a support ticket with eM Client, who may be able to track down the problem.

Thanks Gary for your reply. For some reason I still think it is attached to EM client and this is why:

  1. I have disabled all access into and out of EMclient with Google, deleting the calendar syncing function
  2. All of my domains run through Hostpapa Pop3
  3. When you send me a signed encrypted email the attachment is not occuring
  4. When I send myself a message from my phone or through webmail the receiving message is occurring with this appended signature

So my best non-tech thinking here now is there has to be some function that this particular email (my other email account in emclient is not having this issue btw) now has a hidden signature that comes in on every email.

Last example - An anti-virus program will often append an extra signature to incoming emails that it has been “verified”. Where does that happen and how can I remove it in EM client??  Is it in the code from the anti-virus program??  Did Google Chrome create this connection to emclient for this public wifi login?? 

So my question now is, when a third party appends a secondary signature coming into EMclient, how can I go in and remove that setting???

Thanks John

Thanks for your help Gary, you have been great at troubleshooting with me. It is appreciated

So the bug now seems to be somewhere in a behavior as it comes through emclient before I view the email. So after SMTP and before display. I have no idea what processes happen between these two functions that could create this issue : script from auto-redirect of hotspot? Chrome relationship with Emclient? Third party behavior of the redirector from hotspot?

I think Chrome created the issue (I have similar issues with chrome changing bookmark icons with hotspots), but now that Chrome created the problem (API with EMclient) removing the unwanted appendage may require an uninstall.  If I figure anything more out I will post here for the community.


Ok, another update

I have turned off SSL scanning in AVG (my anti-virus) and I have temporarily eliminated the appendage. AVG reports that “if your email client uses its own certificate store, the SSL scan feature will require you to export the email shield certificate to a file and then import it into your email client”

Regardless, now is it safe to say it is a certificate store issue?? This is a workaround, so my new question is there a way to flush out the certificate store and see if that prevents recurrence?