Emails going to junk folder when they should not...

Even though I have clearly marked an email address as NOT being junk/spam- this program keeps placing it in that folder. Help anyone?


could you please check if those emails are in junk folder on the server also or if you have set any rules in eM Client and what emails service provider do you use?


Hi Jan,

What “server” are you referring to? And I use my own personal domain for email. No Gmail, Yahoo or any of that stuff.

The other problem I have is the opposite. The actual junk/spam that I blacklist, keeps showing up in my inbox. 0.0

Well, I’ve made the determination that this program isn’t quite “there” yet for me. It will not abide by the rules I have already set in place, and I am missing important emails. There is absolutely no obvious reason why your program would continue to place junk mail that has already been blacklisted both in email and domain in my inbox, while placing valid emails in the junk folder- (and yes, I “moved to inbox while removing the blacklist” option) . Good concept, but need to work through the bugs.

Please do tell me how I can delete my data from your program and not have it remain on any of your servers. Thanks


when you will uninstall and delete eM Client’s database manually it will be gone for good.

Anyway by server I mean your email server. You have to use some for your domain - eM Client only downloads emails from servers, we do not have any ours nor it is support in this way by all email protocols.


Thanks Jan for the update.

you are welcome :slight_smile: