emails going to junk email after removing rule and checking server. Can't fix

Some of my emails just started going to the Junk E-mail folder. I did everything possible to make the rule change, move to the folder and remove from blacklist, created a white list etc.  I contacted my mail provider, Frontier Mail, Yahoo, and they are not going to spam.  I can not get this fixed. It was working fine and I believe it is an em client issue.  I know others have had this problem and it appears that there is a issue with the eM client software.  How can I get help?

Go to Menu > Tools > Rules, and make sure both the Spam filter and Blacklist Rules are deselected. If the messages continue to go to Junk E-Mail folder, then it is either being done at the server, or you have another Rule that is doing it.

There are no rules.  I even had the email sent so that I could check always download pictures.  That put it in the whitelist group.  I went online and the email in question did not go to spam.  My provider said that it was not flagged.  Somehow this just started happening after the mail was being received. What other rule could there be?

Maybe your database is somehow corrupt.

If your account is setup as IMAP, go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and remove the account from eM Client. Then add it again and see if there is any difference.

Gary, can you send me an email so that I can see if it lands in spam? It did before.

Sure Roger. Send your email address to

Of course, replying to this thread will do the same! What was I thinking?

If you want to test on your own, send an email to an echo server. That will send your message header back to you within a few seconds. A good one is University of Vienna.

Roger —

I’ve been observing the same thing for some time now. I get regular mail from one company and most of the time it ends up in eM Client’s Junk Mail folder. Once in a while, it goes to Inbox instead. Certain other mail — all of it legitimate — always ends up in Junk Mail and never in Inbox. It seems that some software along the way is adding spam-related HTML or XML elements or attributes into the mail headers and eM Client is reacting to them. Why those elements are added some of the time to certain mail and not to other mail, I don’t know.

The odd thing is, I use a spam filtering company as my email provider. If the incorrectly flagged messages truly were spam, I wouldn’t get them at all. Instead I would be able to find them only by going to the email provider’s web-mail site and looking for them in its own (online) junk-mail folder. They would never make it to my system in the first place. But they do. They aren’t truly spam. Why they’re getting marked in a way that the online spam service gives them a “pass” and eM Client gives them a “fail,” I don’t know.

At this point I live with it. I hope you can solve it.

The Spam filter Rule looks for those headers in incoming messages. If you untick the Rule, then eM Client should no longer be responsible.