Emails go straight to Trash

I have two email addresses. One of them insists on dumping all emails in the Trash, and deleting them from the server at the same time. Help!

Check to make sure that you do not have a rule set up on either the server or in eM Client that would cause the emails to be deleted.

For a while, I was not getting certain emails from a listserv (I would get some). I remembered that a while ago I had set up a rule on my mail server to automatically delete emails with a certain word in the subject (in an attempt to stop some SPAM) that these other emails were getting caught up in.

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Hi Judith, this may very well be caused by your mail server, or some account specific rules setup for this account, please check your Rules settings, or adjust your mail filters on your mail server.

Same problem, suddenly email from a long used, high volume, business is going straight to Trash. There are no rules or filters on the client (other than the inbuilt Spam filter) or the server (Hover Webmail). The sender is not blacklisted
The business domain uses several email addresses, only one of them is being trashed.

I have checked everything suggested here and made no progress, any further suggestions would be most welcome