Emails getting clipped when sent to Gmail recipient

When sending an email from eM Client to recipients who use Gmail, my messages are getting clipped. Gmail does this for emails over 102kb. The curious part is that it’s only happening when I send a new message. Something is getting attached to make the file size so large. When I reply to an email, it doesn’t get clipped and the file size is very small. Can you help me find the configuration that’s causing this? I’m using the same email signature for both new and reply emails, so I do not believe it’s the email signature.

Hello Jami,

We’re unfortunately not completely sure what behavior you’re referring to. Could you please export an example of the clipped message into .eml (right-clicking the e-mail, selecting ‘Save As…’) to with a link to this thread and the number of your version (Menu ->Help ->About)?

Thank you,

Hi Maurice,

I sent over the files in the format you requested. Are you able to identify the problem?