Emails from gmail accounts are classed as Junk

I have a number of regular emails from friends with gmail accounts. Often these are classed as junk - why (or how can I set these account as not junk)?

That usually means either your mail server automatic ai spam filtering is classing them as junk / spam and ending up in your junk folder, or your have a filter or rule setup online moving them to the junk folder, or you have inadvertently setup a rule in eM Client and is moving them automatically to the junk folder.

So first in eM Client go to “Menu / Rules” (Pc) or “Tools / Rules” (Mac) and see if you have those Gmail addresses setup in a rule to move them to the junk / spam folder. You can dblclick on rules to view / check them.

For a test you can also even uncheck all the rules in there to see if it’s anything in there doing it.

Now If they are not blocked in a rule in eM Client, then it will be your mail server auto AI spam engine or a filter / rule setup on your mail server end. So go online in your mailbox and first check your server mail filters and rules.

Then if no filters or rules setup online in your mailbox, go to your online spam / junk mail folder and mark those Gmail emails as “Not Spam”. That will then train your mailbox to keep them in your Inbox the next time they arrive which inturn will then show in eM Client Inbox.