Emails download only in small batches

My email is only downloading in small chunks: 5 to 10 messages at a time when I hit Send & Receive. It will say that the download is complete, but then if I hit Send & Receive again I get more messages, and so on, and so on. Previously, if I hit Send & Receive, all messages since the last time would come in. After this was going on for a couple of weeks, I upgraded to the latest version of EMClient, but the situation hasn’t changed. The online source is gmail. I use POP because I like to control when I send and receive and I manage my email on my computer differently than I do online – so although I want ALL messages to download, I don’t want a live sync, of that makes sense. 

Anyone else with this problem? It hasn’t gone away.

Question - Why wouldn’t you want a live imap sync of all your mail ? Most peeps these days want realtime emails to all devices. Also pop settings by default removes mail from the server unless you have modified the account settings.

That’s just the work flow I’m used to and that I prefer – sometimes it’s nice not to be interrupted by incoming messages or to have a moment to make sure a message is good to go before sending it into the ether. I use eMclient on a laptop only and do not want a live sync. Those settings are fine (and I do keep the mail on the server).

I have the same problem exactly and I use setup very similar to you. Did you manage to sort it out.  it happened to me years ago while using Mozilla client but cant rememebr what was the fix… If you fixed it. Please advise

Unfortunately no, I have not been able to fix this.

If there is some error, you will find it in Menu > Tools > Operations. Look in the Log tab for errors when downloading from POP3.

One thing you can look at anyway is your POP settings. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the POP3 tab for your account. Make sure the port is set to 995 and the security policy is set to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

Those are the settings I have in place.

Was there any error?

No errors

I setup a GMail account in eM Client using POP3 and sent 100 emails to that address, which I repeated a few times. Every time eM Client connected to GMail POP3 it downloaded all 100 new messages that were in the Inbox. 

Sorry, I was not able to reproduce your issue.

All I can think is that if you have set eM Client to leave a copy on the server, the application is timing out deciding which messages to download. That could happen if there is a very large amount of POP3 messages stored on the server.

Could be something possibly running in background memory interferring with EMClient and the incoming mail port on the computer, causing the intermittent downloading of email or timing out as Gary says above.

I would suggest an old school telnet test to the mail server via normal pop3 port 110 to see if that connects and lists mail perfectly.

How does one conduct an old school telnet test?

Here is a website example of how to Telnet to a mail server via a standard incoming POP3 port 110 and (List) your Inbox messages.…

It said “OK Dovecot ready” but then I kept getting an error (authentication failed) when trying to enter my credentials. I tried with and without brackets using and my user ID and password.