Emails disappearing from Inbox & Sent

I have been using eM Client free version since January, with just a few hiccups.  But now a chunk of my emails have disappeared from my Inbox and from Sent.  Just a few are quite randomly still there.  In my Smart Folders Inbox I have half a dozen since January, but from 1st January back to 2007 they all seem to be present and correct.  My actual email address Inbox just has two months’ worth from 2013 and Sent folder just has a chunk from 2007/8.  I have looked everywhere and can’t find a trace of them.  This did happen yesterday, and then they re-appeared.  But no such luck today.  Any ideas please?  I should mention that the same has happened today to my husband’s account on a separate PC.

Just to update - both Inboxes have suddenly updated themselves again for no apparent reason.  Sent box still as before.

Hello Judith, I’m afraid this more likely be a server issue rather than an application issue, eM Client is unable to archive or remove your messages automatically. Are you using IMAP for synchronising your items with the server, or are you a POP3 account user? Have you noticed any errors while trying to synchronise your items with the server?