Emails disappearing before my eyes

Emails disappearing as I am about to reach them. Only happens occasionally. I forward them from my phone and they reappear where they originally were and as a new email.

Are you using a POP or IMAP / Exchange type account ? Also what version of eM Client are you using.

Not sure what they are, but using free version. And haven’t updated to 8.2 yet.

To see what version of eM Client you have, click “Menu / Help / About” if using the Windows version.

To see what type of account you have, click “Menu / Accounts” if using Windows. Then click on your acct on the left and you will see along the top of accounts tabs like eg: POP, or IMAP etc.

Thanks, I’ll try to get to that tomorrow. But not sure why your questions. Have you had the experience that I described? I’ve got someibesomeone

Coming to look at my computer next week and am just trying to find out whether my experiences are specific to me.