emails disappeared from inbox eM Client

Suddenly the emails in my inbox are gone? Can someone help me? please

Send us your IMAP logs please so we can analyse them.

How do I do this?

Tools -> Settings -> Logging -> select the relevant mail IMAP to log.

Once enabled, it adviced to restart the program, and only send the log when hit the error again.

Thank you TNCS :slight_smile:

i have been using EM client for about 1 month now. since the first time i have used it, i have had this problem:
when running many rules, emails which are not governed by rules disappear from inbox. these emails appear to be erased forever from the IMAP server (gmail). this is repeatable. at first i thought this only applied to emails where the sender and recipient are the same, but it appears to be all emails that are not governed by rules. the result is that my inbox is totally empty after running these rules manually. emails that had rules end up in the correct places but emails that have no rules governing them have disappeared from the inbox completely. using the gmail web interface to check, they are not on the IMAP server (gmail) at all.

i was using the current version as of april 15th the first time it happened. i have just updated to the current version as of today april 30th and it just happened again. it is the free version.

Enable “Rules” logging in Tools - Settings - Advanced, simulate the issue and send us the logs. Then we will be able to advise you further.

the problem turned out to be an error on my part. thanks for the attention.