Emails deleting automatically

I’ve discovered emails are getting deleted from my account and I don’t know why! Important emails are ending up in the trash folder. they still show the folder tag for the email even though it is no longer in that folder but in the trash folder. I have enabled logging for rules but really didn’t know what I was looking for/at? Any ideas on why this might be happening? I have definitely not deleted these manually as they are important emails. Our email account is actually a Google (Gmail address) could it be some setting in Gmail as my other none Gmail accounts this doesn’t seem to be an issue?

Appreciate any insights as this is concerning!

That is correct behaviour. When you delete a Gmail message, it is moved to Trash and keeps its labels.

It can’t be a Rule doing that, as Rules only apply to new messages arriving in your Inbox. They won’t affect messages you have previously received and moved to other folders. It could happen if you have set a Rule to delete messages, and you apply it manually to all those folders.

Otherwise it is happening because you are deleting the messages yourself or another app, device or user connecting to the same account is doing it.

Thanks Gary and noted re Rules, yes these are generally emails that I have had for a while and have been already subjected to the rules to place them in the correct folder. I will check my other apps on my devices as would seem it is not an issue from eM Client’s end.