Emails coming in as read.

We have just started having this issue on one of our laptops but not the other, with incoming emails showing as read, when they have not been viewed on any other device. I have followed all the other suggestions that I have read here by other posters, such as unticking “mark messages read after 0 seconds” and “mark messages read after opening in new window”. 
 It seems to have started when we changed the account on my wife’s laptop with her own email from a POP3 to IMAP, but again only on one laptop, not the other (which is mine with a different email).
I have also upgraded her version to the latest (7.0.27744.0), but this has not fixed the issue. I have checked out the webmail, but can find no preferences there which might affect it.
This is driving me crazy, as I can’t seem to find any reason for it. Can some body please help me.

does this happen only on one account or on all accounts in this device?
If it’s just one account, please tell me which one it is and if it is set up as IMAP or POP on any other device.


Hi Olivia, thanks for your prompt response. My wife has two email accounts, on three devices, and it is only happening on her Vodafone account, not her gmail one. The problem is occurring only on her laptop, which was recently changed to IMAP, and not on her iphone or ipad, both of which are still on POP3. I hope this is sufficient info for you.
cheers Russell 

Hello Russell,
are you absolutely sure the messages aren’t being downloaded on the other devices during the same time they arrive to eM Client?
Because POP protocol marks messages as read on the server after download (unless it removes the messages right away).
So you don’t need to OPEN the messages on the POP devices - it is enough that they are downloaded by a POP protocol.


Hi Olivia, yes you are correct as both of these other devices were on also. Because of the server deleting messages after a certain time and my wife wishing to retain a lot of old messages, we have gone back to POP again, and everything is now working as it should.
Thank you for your assistance, and if I could say that I enjoy using eM Client, which is better than Thunderbird which was giving us a lot of grief.
Regards Russell

Hi Russell,
glad to hear the issue was resolved, thank you for the praise :slight_smile: