emails categorized "Important"

Just upgraded from ver 6 to 7 and suddenly, 90% of my emails are automatically categorized as “Important”.  Originally, less than 1% were.  How do I correct this?

Same for me. Hope somebody will give a reply.

I did not use 6, so don’t know how it was before, but 7 RC and 7 Final show me 90% of the mails as “important” as well.

In version 6 mails were not so important :slight_smile:
In 7, quite all are very important with yellow label (I have also a label “important”, but it is red.

Hello everyone,
are you still experiencing this issue in the final release of version 7?
If so, disabling the Important label in IMAP stream might be the only workaround, as this label assignment is done by gmail itself.


I’m using ver 7.0.26432.0  Just installed yesterday.

Thank you Olivia. I hided in Gmail. Hope it will be ok. I’m confused between labels and categories :slight_smile:

I hid the label in Gmail now, too. I do not need it anyway, but I did not think of that.

Curious: in my secondary Gmail-Account IMAP was deactivated, eMClient could retrieve the mails via IMAP anyway. In order to hide the label I now activated IMAP. Was that a glitch in Gmail or a feature of eMClient to have it working anyway? :wink:

Hmm, just observing: though I hid the label in Gmail some notifies from this forum still get the yellow “important” mark, but some don’t… Now what? Where does that come from?

I also have many mails with label (category)? “Inbox”, grey color. I do not understand. For me all mails arrive in Inbox. I’m too stupid to really understand.

Ok, a little while later - so I disabled anything in Gmail that could even remotely have anything to do with “important” - still in emClient 7 Final 90% of the mails get that yellow category. I am out of ideas.

I disabled a few things in Gmail and so far the issue seems to be resolved.  
Under Settings > Inbox I changed “Importance markers” to “No markers” and enabled “Don’t use past actions…”

Robert: I also changed those but to no effect…

Is this for existing emails or new ones?  This only worked on emails received after I made the changes.

New ones…

The only other thing I may have done differently is to close & restart em client, but I don’t see how that should make a difference

Did that, too… :frowning:

How about under Labels?  I have Categories set to Hide.  Might help…

categories where set to “hide” already (in Gmail settings under “labels” - right?)

Well, I’m out of ideas for now.  I’ll see if I can think of anything else

Found this on the Google Forums, will try next: “There is a trick that you can use to ensure the “Important” label is not applied to any messages: Create a filter that searches on “From:@” and set the action as “Never mark Important.””