Emails being sent from 2 different accounts at the same time- among other issues

I’ve had this product for a few days, and there are multiple issues- one of which is emails being sent from two different accounts at the same time. Because of this, recipients are receiving two copies of the same email- one from the incorrect account. This is a serious issue as people use specific email addresses for specific reasons. No one wants a business to receive an email from a personal email account or vice versa. 
I am using the latest downloadable version, 6.0.21372.0, on Win7 64bit. This is not an issue on my end. Other users are reporting this same issue, and it hasn’t been fixed yet. One such post from 2 years ago is here.
Is anyone looking into this issue? I am experiencing this and other issues that were reported 2 years ago by other users, and I just downloaded this program recently. 

Other issues include:
–constant downloading errors for each account
–disappearing mail
–incomplete mail downloads
–etc, etc.
–and we all know about the lack of a threaded/conversation feature

I like a lot about this program, so I’m very disappointed that I’ve had to deal with these issues from moment one. Considering how long issues are remaining, I’m sure I’ll be using a different email client. Unfortunately, my review of this product won’t be too great, though I may wait until v7.

Hi, not really sure what you’re referring to, I’m not aware of any issues regarding sending from two accounts at once, excuse me but the issue from 2 years ago is a bit outdated as there has been tons of new updates, released in between the current release.

eM Client is unable to send messages from two accounts at once, so I believe this is due to a server setup, what mail service are you using with eM client? Make sure there are no special filters setup on your mail server that would allow this, for example do you have any accounts connected with this account?

How many accounts do you have setup in eM client?


Hi, and thanks for responding. I considered server setup as a possible cause, but this only happens when using eM Client. It could be that something is somehow altering the settings from where I had them- which is set the same in other clients. Who knows. I just know it’s happening here. Something is happening in the settings because I’ve seen several posts about download or server issues.

There are no special filters set up. This does happen with an alias/identity which could be the proximate cause, but again, only with this client.

Thank you again for responding. I do appreciate it. But, because of other issues like no threaded conversations, I won’t be using this program. I do like several things about it, so I’ll check again once that specific feature has been implemented. Hopefully, I can give v7 a try.