Emails are bouncing back and saying my domain has exceeded the fails and defers per hour. Any ideas how to change this?

Some of my emails are bouncing back and saying my domain has exceeded the maximum fails and defers per hour.  I have been receiving a high level of spam recently and am deleting them rigorously.   Any ideas how I can deal with this please?   (I did mistakenly blacklist the domains for a while but I have removed the blacklisting rule for now as this may have started this problem but now I can’t see how to rectify it).   Thanks for your help 

Hello Juliana,

Could you please make sure that you aren’t sending e-mails with large attachments? You coul also try to change the interval of synchronization in Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> General - General - Synchronization: “Synchronize items every ___ minutes” to e.g. 15 or 30 minutes. In any case, this should be possible to change at your server.

We believe that Spam should be filtered directly on the server so eM Client includes only one default Spam rule that moves messages to the Junk folder. Besides this option you can always blacklist an email address/domain by clicking the button “Move to Junk” and choosing the option “Move to Junk and blacklist email/domain”. In general it is however a not a good idea to blacklist domains unless you’re absolutely sure that a particular domain is only used by spammers

In case you want to use a 3rd party application for mail filtering we can recommend MailWasher or Spamihilator.