Emails appear three times on search, unread, and flagged

v. 6.0.19723

I had this problem with Outlook as well.
I have 2 IMAP accounts connect to google apps. I also imported my local folder from my old outlook .
My “All Inboxes” view is fine, but when I click Unread, flagged, or do a search, all emails appear multiple times. Can’t figure out why.

Hi, could you update to latest version and check if you still have this issue?


Im in 6.0.19861.0

Check for update says “none”

No help, in fact, now instead of 3 duplicates in a search, there are 4. Can’t seem to find a pattern. Makes searching and Flagging where they also appear 4 times, useless. When I flag it in my Inbox, it shows up 4 times when I click to show “Flagged”

If you would like access to my machine to investigate, no problem…

Any progress on this – Anyplace I can look to solve this? Makes the search/flag almost unusable

Yes, we have track of this issue and it should be resolved, when we will know solution or we will have fix then it will be released.