Emails appear multiple times in search results and 'To-Do' lists

I have two Gmail apps accounts setup, when emails come in they appear to get copied into various folders, for example if I flag an email in my ‘inbox’ to follow up, in the Agenda view, the same email will appear 4 times, each instance in a different folder (Inbox, Starred, All Mail and Important) The same occurs if I search for an email, I’ll get 3 or 4 copies of all emails.

I have the latest version as far as I know (6.0.21372.0)

This makes the search, Angeda and ‘Smart Folders’ useless as they are cluttered with multiple duplicates of the emails.

while the emails show multiple times, and for example only one instance of an email will appear with the follow up flag checked, if I delete the email, all instances will be deleted.

So linked, but also unique.

I think the folders you refer to are just different views to the same email.


While they do mostly act like the same object, they also show signs of being unique objects (I assume applied at the view level rather than the underlying database level)

For example, for the same Email, in one folder I can assign it read, in another unread, in another give it a category and in another assign it a follow up flag and each instance keeps its settings unique from the other instances, but if I delete it in one folder, all instances are deleted.

Also, showing the same email several times makes the search results, smart folders and agenda view uselessas they become over cluttered with several instances of the same email.

Surely there must be a way to filter out the erroneous instances?

I agree - it would be nice to have consistancy.

Hi, this is unfortunately caused by the Gmail labeling system. When this mail server receives a message it gets assigned with a bunch of labels based on your preferences, unfortunately for IMAP connected accounts, each assigned label essentially creates another copy of the message with a different UID.

This unfortunately does not make it possible to deduplicate the additional messages, however you should be able to avoid the issue partially by hiding the “All Mail” folder from IMAP connections, as this is the only folder that displays the messages from all existing folders (labels).

Search and Global Inbox smart folders will however display the message duplicated in case it has multiple labels assigned.

Thank you for understanding,