Emailer is rejecting messages from wanted correspondendts without my wishing so.

Emailer is rejecting messages from wanted correspondendts without my wishing so. This started after a recent upgrade to either the emailer or w

When you say the emails are being rejected, do you mean they are going to the Junk E-Mail Folder?

If that is so, go to Menu > Tools > Rules, and disable the Black List if it is there.

It does not download email from a friend that contains attachments.   These email messages remain on my ISP website.  Even if I go to the site and try to rename these messages and sent them to me from me it will still not download them to my computer.  Other messages from him it downloads just fine.  This all started after either an upgrade  to EMclient or to Windows 10.  Thanks for you help.  I did what you suggested on there was a spam filter checked invocation “on receive”  Scope “all local accounts.”   I don’t recall setting anything like this up.

Hi Frank.

The Spam filter is setup by default, but that would not affect this. Strange that it is email from one person with attachments that you can’t receive.

Did you try with any other email client?

No.  I have been been using this client for years and have been basically happy.  Now that I think about it, for a few week it did this with email from my brother.  It just started and a few week later it started to down load his again.

Very frustration this.  I have never tried to filter email in the client or on the ISP for that matter.  And the fact that it accepts email from my friend except those with an attached list is very frustrating.  It just started ding that in November as I recall, but always work previous to that on the same kind of messages foe several years.  SO it appears to be a random thing that is happening.  I get messages from doctors and others that I don’t wish to start missing because of this.

Am reticent to switch mail clients as this on has been good except since about September when it started with my Brother.  The first one that I ma aware of.

Thanks for you help.