Email won't download from server

I added 2 email accounts to eM Client and only my gmail will connect and download. My emails for my work email account are listed but not downloaded from the server. I’ve disconnected and reconnected a number of times, have deleted and re-added the account multiple times but nothing is working. Very frustrated! I need to be able to work!

I would start by visiting the web sites of each email account and review their instructions for setting up their email in other email clients, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. The instructions will contain specifics about ports to use, whether or not secure outgoing servers are used and the exact names to use for these servers. What worked for me using Gmail did not work when switching to eM Client, so a visit to my email account providers’ web sites solved the problem for me.

Thank you! That did the trick… I’m not very good at anything tech related so I appreciate the assist!

Wonderful! I am glad it worked out for you.