Email with XLS attachment crashes eMClient

I have received a email with an attachment on XLS with the name as follwing “4.12 Xxxx XXX.xls” i think something in maybe the name is making the program crash.

My problem is, that email is the first email in the list so it goes automatically to it when opening the program and cause of that it crashes instantly without me being able to remove it. 

It doesnt push any emails either.

How can i solve this?

try to turn message panel off from the views. this way the client won’t try to show / open / render the email immediately. then you may get a chance to delete the offending email from the list without crashing the client.

I have dozens of xls attachments and have no issues. you may be correct with your assumption that it may very well be the naming of the file (or something else - like your antivirus trying to intervene etc)

good luck

is that possible to be done without opening the program ? Cause the moment i start the program, i cant do anything. it crashes/freezes. i cant touch anything in the program it just will give windows error popup to close the unresponding program.

The pc’s have regular windows defender, like the others with other program.

ugh, sorry I am not sure. if there is a /safe flag (I tried there is none that I could figure out)

suggestion: log in to that account online (assuming that there is an online portal you can do so) and delete that email.

suggestion: did you try running dbrepair.exe (C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe) maybe that will help?

Ok, it wasnt the attached file. i left a PC with it open to see what happens.

Looks like the email was just to big for the program to handle it (or the pc’s to old?).

It took like 30mins but it finally opened it and i deleted it. They are old but core2quad pc’s shouldnt take this long.

Anywys its solved.

you’re right. but then again these modern apps are not like the old ones. for example I have 20K mails in my inboxes across 6 accounts. the “contact details” tab on the right with the History and attachments view is so fast that it is mind boggling. I am sure that speed comes at the expense of something: CPU cycle + memory footprint etc. I wonder what my experience would’ve been like had I not been running on a 16GB i7 with SSD… I doubt I would be this happy…

glad your problem was resolved.

Hello Alberto,
we’re very glad to hear your problem was resolved.
Next time you experience such issue please copy the content of the error message/crash report so we can assist you better if the problem is more complicated than a faulty message.