Email with attachment getting to recipient inbox many times!

Whenever I send an email with attachment (PDF), the recipient receives it many times in his inbox. Also even though the email has been received, it does not show in my Sent folder but is showing in the Outbox 2 folder. Why? and how can I resolve?

The message is not completing the send procedure, that is why it is still in the Outbox. It may be that the server is not sending the confirmation back to eM Client. It could also happen with very large attachments. Delete that message in the Outbox to stop it sending. If you go to Menu > Tools > Operations, and click on the Log tab, you will find the errors associated with the SMTP protocol. It would be necessary to know what those are to resolve this. It might also be useful to know who your email provider is.

One thing you can check is that you have the correct settings. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the SMTP tab. Change the port to 587 and the security policy to Force usage of SSL/TLS. See if that helps.

Hi Gary,
Thanks a lot for your quick reply and advice. See Log errors below. Provider is
Regarding the setting, it seems to be as you mentionned. Could it be because I am sending the email with attachment BUT with no message?!
09:56:03 [IMAP]  Synchronizing messages: Done
09:56:31 [IMAP]  Copying messages
09:56:32 [IMAP]  Copying messages: Done
09:56:32 [IMAP]  Synchronizing message flags: For folder
09:56:32 [IMAP]  Synchronizing message flags: Done
09:56:36 [IMAP]  Synchronizing message flags: For folder
09:56:37 [IMAP]  Synchronizing message flags: Done
09:56:53 [IMAP]  Synchronizing messages: For folder
09:56:53 [IMAP]  Synchronizing messages: Done
09:57:27 [IMAP]  Synchronizing messages: For folder
09:57:27 [IMAP]  Synchronizing messages: Done
09:57:43 [IMAP]  Synchronizing messages: For folder
09:57:44 [IMAP]  Synchronizing messages: Done

You will need to back further than that. There should be an SMTP error which is not showing in your quote. 

It is unlikely that it is because there is no text in the message.

Sorry for misunderstanding! Below is the SMTP error message :
08:20:58 [SMTP]  MailClient.Accounts.SocketException: Sending messages failed due to the following reason: 
08:20:58     “Unable to read data from the transport connection: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.”
08:20:58    at MailClient.Protocols.Smtp.SmtpSendCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)
08:20:58    at MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)
Hope it helps!

Yes, that is the error. Does this happen with all messages, or just those with large attachments?

Sent 3 x emails this morning as below :
1 - with 2 attachments (2.7 + 2.1 MB) - kept coming in - Now deleted from Outbox2
2 - with 2 attachments ( 4 + 2.1 MB) - kept coming in - Now deleted from Outbox2
3 - with 1 attachment (3.9 MB) - seems to be OK - Received only once

So maybe it is the size of attachment which causes the problem.

Could be. Although it allows you to send those greater than 4MB, the server does not verify it was sent so eM Client tries to send again. Maybe check with them if this is a known issue.

You can set eM Client to warn you if the message is going to be larger than what will work. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Confirmation > Notify if sending a message larger than . . .  You can still send the message, it will just warn you and give you an option not to send it.

Thanks a lot Gary for your time and advices. Will try to find out more from EM Client if I can find a contact number. Otherwise will send with only 1 attachment at the time in future (a pain!).
Best Regards.

Unfortunately there is no telephone support. You can get support by email after opening a support ticket, as long as you have a Pro License.