email will not send with alias

When I am composing a new email and I select an alias by slicking the grey “down arrow” next the the From, it will not send.  I receive a msg stating that something is Disconnected. To be able to use a particular alias, must I do anything other than simply adding it per attached .jpg?


Hello Michael,
the alias must be first set up on your mail server. Once it’s set up and allowed, you can simply add it in eM Client in this window, yes.


Thanks Olivia,

We have our own server and, when I provided them the information, they said it  was not a server side issue.  Following is the text of that email.  Please let me know if there’s something else I should be doing.


When I send an email, I would like to have the flexibility of being able to choose what the recipient sees in the “From:” field when they read the email.  If you look at this email, you will see the “From” as Myriad Data.Corp.  In some instances, I would like to have the recipient see “Quote from”, in others - if it’s a personal email - I’d like the recipient to see that it’s from “Michael Scharf”, my name.
The “Reply To” address should remain, but what the recipient sees should be, for example - Michael Scharf.
Below is an example from Amazon:
From: “  

I would like something like:

From: “Quote from


The support department of my email client said that this can only be accomplished on the server side.  If this is not the case, please let me know.

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