Email will not retrieve mail from my ATT/Yahoo Account

I keep getting a message that my login credentials are incorrect. They are. I have changed my email password on three occasions with no effect

I have just had to set up my eM Client account on my new laptop. My current email is set up with Rogers - my IP/email provider (Canada - don’t know where you are). I can also access it through Yahoo Mail as well.

So when I set up my Account in eM Client - the password it is asking for is NOT my sign in password to my email account, but a automatically generated password I have to set up in my Rogers Mail account. I’m not that tech savvy, but it does work. So I go to my IP provider webpage - and one of the fields in the account set up there - is to connect an outside account - which would be eM Client in this case.

I do find it confusing, but it is what it is.