Email Tracking Software - DEVELOPMENT IDEA?

Is there any program available that tracks email reads & clicks for you like Zendio and Bananatag, which only work for Outlook?  The “read receipt” feature you have is no different than what Outlook provides, which is useless.  It requires the user to accept those requests, assuming they don’t have it turned off and doesn’t work with people using gmail, etc.  Providers like these two mentioned above, use a small gif image and tiny urls to track everything, which after using it for several yrs, pretty much works on everyone.  So awesome and great!

If there isn’t any of those companies available for your software, I think it would be a great product for you to develop that would produce a monthly ongoing revenue for your company from some of your customers.  Before giving up on Outlook and converting your client, I was using Zendio and paying a monthly fee. 

If you developed your own for emclient, you would have instant sales from your existing customer base and easily add additional ongoing revenue, instead of just one-time license fees from selling software.  And being the client developer, you could really have it baked in well, so it is very seamless, light weight, etc.

I had to give up on Outlook and so far I like the benefits I gained with your client but severely miss my email tracking software!


Hello Curtis,
thank you for sharing your idea on the forum where our developers can consider it for future improvements.


+1 Email tracking is a feature I use a lot on gmail.

I would also really like to have a email tracking feature in Em Client! :slight_smile:

I don ́t want the sender to see if and when I read his message.
I also don ́t like tricks like web-bugs/tracking-bugs etc.

Thats why all eMail-Clients have image-downloading disabled by default and that good
since tracking my habits is an intrusion (?) into my privacy.